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Journal of Rangeland Science (JRS)

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Ali Ashraf Jafari

Online ISSN: 2423-642X

Print ISSN: 2008-9996

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Articles In Press are accepted, peer reviewed articles awaiting to be assigned into an issue of this journal

Original Article
Understanding the Economic Impact of Wild Horse Management on Local Communities

The United States has substantial public lands owned and managed by the US federal government. The economic impact of those lands has been repeatedly demonstrated by numerous studies. In parts of the Western United States managing these lands has included legislative action by the United States Congress to assist previously devastated populations of wildlife, including […]

Original Article
Effects of Soil and Topography Variables on Canopy Cover of Dorema ammoniacum D.Don. in Soltan Mohammad Rangeland, Sabzevar, Iran

Environmental factors have huge impact on yield and distribution of plant species. For this purpose, the response of Dorema ammoniacum (Apiaceae( canopy cover to some environmental factors was investigated in its natural habitat in south of Sabzevar, Iran in 2018-2020. Generalized Additive Model (GAM) was used to investigate the response of this species to soil […]

Original Article
Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Meteorological Droughts Effect on Vegetation Droughts in Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran

Vegetation cover is one of the living components of terrestrial ecosystems and plays an important role in many ecosystem processes that are strongly influenced by climatic events. Thus, meteorological droughts can significantly affect the vegetation cover, especially in arid and semi-arid regions where vegetation is more sensitive to environmental conditions. This study was conducted with […]

Original Article
Yield and Growth Performance of Selected Vetch Species Under Rain-fed Conditions at Three Locations of Dessie Zuria District Amhara Region, Ethiopia

This study was designed to investigate adaptation of five vetch species in terms of their growth and yield performance under rain fed conditions at Dessie Zuria district, South Wollo Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. An experimental trial was conducted using a randomized complete block design with four replications on three locations of Gelisha, Teabsite and Adey […]

Original Article
Assessing Intensity of Desertification and Land Rehabilitation Using the Change Vector Analysis Method (Case study: Dehshir Plain, Yazd province, Iran)

Desertification is one of the main ecological and environmental problems in Iran. It is remarkably urgent to monitor and assess this phenomenon and its impact on ecosystem components such as vegetation covers to prevent and combat desertification. This study aimed to evaluate the Change Vector Analysis (CVA) method’s efficiency in assessing and monitoring desertification in […]

Original Article
Production Potential of Thymus atlanticus (Ball) Roussine in the Eastern High Atlas of Morocco

Aromatic and medicinal plants are a rich source of substances that are beneficial to human health. At a socio-economic level, the exploitation of medicinal plants constitutes an important income for the local populations. However, the use of these plants in recent decades has put a lot of pressure on these resources, and many species suffer […]

Original Article
The Impact of Human Traffic on Vegetation Characteristics and Species Diversity in Vicinity of the Almagol Wetland in Northern Iran

Despite its ecological importance, the wetland edge vegetation could be strongly affected by human factors e.g. heavy traffic. In order to investigate the impact of human traffic on vegetation characteristics and plant diversity, a research was conducted at the edge of Almagol wetland in the northern Iran in 2021. The assessment was carried out through […]

Original Article
Effects of Phenological Stages on Yield and Quality Traits of Three Halophyte Plant Species as Forage Sources and Combating Desertification in Khuzestan Province, Iran

Halophytes have good potential for forage production and combating desertification in saline soils. The present research was aimed to investigate the effects of phenological stages (Vegetative, Flowering & Ripening) on the yield and quality of three halophytes, Atriplex leucoclada, Suaeda fruticosa, and Seidlitzia rosmarinus, in warm steppe rangelands, Khuzestan privince, Iran. Data were collected in […]

Original Article
Effects of Cutting Days on Yield, Morphological and Quality Traits of Three Grass Species under Irrigation Conditions in Mecha District, Ethiopia

This study was aimed to study the effects of cutting interval on yield, morphological and quality traits of three grass species under irrigation conditions in Mecha district, Ethiopia. There were three kinds of grasses namely Para (Brachiaria mutica Stapf.), Napier (Pennisetum purpureum), and Desho (Pennisetum pedicellatum) at three cutting days (60, 90,120). The experimental design […]

Original Article
Impact of Deferment on Grassland Condition and Diet Quality of Cattle under a Short-Duration Grazing System

Rest and deferred rotation grazing treatments have proven to be effective tools that improve range condition, but little is known about their effect on range animal’s diets. The purpose of the present research was to evaluate the impact of deferment in a short-duration grazing on vegetation and diet quality of heifer in a context of […]

Original Article
Investigation of the Nutritional Potential of a Pasture Plant Species (Cyperus rotundus L.) at Different Growth Stages Under In Vitro and Standard Laboratory Studies

Cyperus rotundus L. (C. rotundus) is a medicinal plant and a species of sedge (Cyperaceae family) that grows in different world rangelands, especially in Iran. The nutritional aspects of this plant have not been scientifically investigated by animal science nutritionists. Therefore, the C. rotundus’s nutritional potential at three growth stages by different standard laboratory methods […]

Original Article
Effects of Fertilizer Types and Harvesting Date on Performance and Nutritional Qualities of Brchiariahydridmulato II (Brachiaria ruziziensis) Grass in the Highlands of Ethiopia

The experiment was conducted to assess the effects of fertilizer types, and harvesting date on plant growth characteristics, dry matter (DM) yield and nutritional qualities of Mulato II grass. Data on plant growth characteristics, DM yield, and nutritional qualities of the grass were measured. The findings elucidated that fertilizer had a significant effect on the […]