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Open-Access policy

OICC Press recognises the importance of open-access in advancing research and facilitating knowledge exchange. We will continue to explore opportunities to enhance access to scholarly content and contribute to the global research community.

We support open-access principles and believe in the importance of making scholarly content freely available for the benefit of researchers, institutions, and society.

The authors maintain full copyright ownership of their work, © The Author (s), and journal articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0),, enabling unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction with proper attribution. Users of this licence are kindly requested to include a link to the publisher’s version of the article on the journal’s website, along with its DOI.

All content within articles across various journals is authored by the respective authors and is protected by copyright. The authors retain full copyright ownership of their work and provide the journal and publisher with a non-exclusive licence for publication. This grants authors unrestricted publishing rights, including the ability to distribute, reproduce, and adapt their work for any purpose, provided proper attribution is given. No prior permission from the authors or the publisher is necessary for the use of this content.

As the publisher, we ensure adherence to these licensing terms and support authors in sharing their research ethically.

Last Updated 02/05/2023