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About Us

We are an international publisher of peer-reviewed scientific papers. Our ISNI number is: 0000000509839299

Our goal in publications is to provide conditions for sharing the results of researchers and scientists in different countries of the globe in the form of scholarly journals.

The published articles are helpful for scientists in universities and research centres and in R&D, students and all interested people working in various fields. We hope that using the results of articles published in our scientific journals can be a practical step in development in different countries.

The editors of our journals work with high commitment to implement the desired standards in reviewing received manuscripts.

We seek to publish articles in prestigious journals quickly and transparently in the work processes.

Speed ​​of work and transparency are essential for our publications.

We are delighted to employ ScholarOne Manuscripts, a cutting-edge manuscript submission and peer-review platform supported by the Web of Science Group. With its innovative features and seamless integration, ScholarOne Manuscripts revolutionises how we handle manuscript submissions and ensures a streamlined publishing process.

One of the influential advantages of ScholarOne Manuscripts is its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the manuscript submission process for authors with intuitive navigation and clear instructions. Authors can easily submit their work, upload files, and track the progress of their submission at every stage. This user-centric approach enhances author satisfaction and engagement, fostering a positive publishing experience. Resources are designed to help authors set up accounts, create and track submissions, and get published via ScholarOne Manuscripts (please have a look at the Author Support page).

Collaboration and communication are vital aspects of scholarly publishing, and ScholarOne Manuscripts facilitates effective interactions between authors, reviewers, and the editorial teams. The platform enables seamless correspondence and real-time notifications, enhancing communication efficiency and reducing response times. Authors can receive updates on their submission status, respond to reviewer comments, and engage in constructive dialogue with the editorial teams, ensuring a transparent and collaborative peer-review process.

By adopting this platform, our journal embraces technological advancements, elevates the publishing experience for authors, reviewers, and editors, and solidifies its position as a leader in the scientific community.