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About Us

Speed ​​of work and transparency are essential for our publications

OICC Press is working in collaboration with the Main Library at Azad University (IR) in Oxford with the following Missions and Values.


Facilitating Global Knowledge Sharing
Promoting Open-Access
Supporting Development
Ensuring Quality and Efficiency


Commitment to Standards Collaboration
Author Rights
Continuous Improvement

Ownership and Management of Journals

Journals are managed and published by OICC Press, although their ownership varies from one to another. The editorial board in each journal, composed of distinguished experts in the field, oversees the journal’s peer review process and publication standards. The day-to-day management and operations of received manuscripts are led by the Editor-in-Chief, supported by a team of managing editors and administrative staff. All journals adhere to ethical guidelines and best practices in scholarly publishing, ensuring integrity, transparency, and impartiality in all aspects of their operation.

Governing Body of Different Journals

The Journal’s Governing Body and their affiliations & contact information are available on the Editorial Board page of each journal.

Dr Mohsen Aarabi, Executive Director