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We are an international publisher of peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Our goal in publications is to provide conditions for sharing the results of researchers and scientists in different countries of the globe in the form of scholarly journals.

The published articles are helpful for scientists in universities and research centres and in R&D, students and all interested people working in various fields. We hope that using the results of articles published in our scientific journals can be a practical step in development in different countries.

The editors of our journals work with high commitment to implement the desired standards in reviewing received manuscripts.

We seek to publish articles in prestigious journals quickly and transparently in the work processes.

Speed ​​of work and transparency for all publications

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Influence of magnetic field and ionization on gradient driven instability in an E×B plasma


Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics

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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics

DSC profile of Er2O3 NPs doped bio-silica borotellurite glass system

Borotellurite bio-silica glasses doped by erbium nanoparticles: structural and thermal properties

Hamza AM, Aliyu US, Kamari HM, Geidam IG, El-Mallawany R, Nazrin N, Baba MN

OICC PRESS Figure 4. The FESEM images of the synthesized SnO2samples (a) SNO1 (b) SNO2.

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics

Synthesis structural and anti-microbial characterization of nanostructured doped tin oxide

Volume 16 (2022), Issue 1

Munish, ., Dhawan, R., Sharma, D. and Malik, H.K.