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Journal of Rangeland Science (JRS)

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Ali Ashraf Jafari

Online ISSN: 2423-642X

Print ISSN: 2008-9996

Publishes Quarterly

Original Article
Determining Ecological Thresholds in Saline Habitats on Western Shore of Lake Urmia, Iran

In temporal and spatial patterns, the critical (ecological) thresholds have rapid changes in ecological gradient. Determination of thresholds along the environmental gradients can help to control destructive factors and therefore, the success in restoration projects can be guaranteed. This study was conducted to evaluate the trend of changes in functional and structural indices along soil […]

Original Article
Effects of Cutting Date on Yield, Morphological and Quality Traits of Three Grass Species under Irrigation Conditions in North Mecha District, Ethiopia

This study was aimed to study the effects of cutting interval on yield, morphological and quality traits of three grass species under irrigation conditions in Mecha district, Ethiopia. There were three kinds of grasses namely Para (Brachiaria mutica Stapf.), Napier (Pennisetum purpureum), and Desho (Pennisetum pedicellatum) at three cutting days (60, 90,120). The experimental design […]

Original Article
Prediction of Climatic Ecological Nest of Artemisia aucheri Boiss, in Tehran Province, Iran Based on Modeling

Optimal habitat has a beneficial effect on species survival. In this research a logistic regression statistical method was used to prepare the potential distribution map of Artemisia aucheri Boiss. in 2020-2021. The maps of 19 bioclimatic and three physiographic variables with a resolution of 4.9 km under the current conditions prepared. Then, sampling information related […]

Original Article
Production of Browse Trees/Shrubs under Climate Change Conditions in the Butana Rangelands of Sudan

The study was conducted in the Butana region of Sudan to assess the impact of climate change on the browse trees/shrubs cover and production in the Butana rangelands. Five meteorological stations surrounding Butana were selected to represent the region’s climate. Simple regression analysis was used to analyze the trend of climate variables (rainfall, temperature). The […]

Original Article
Survey of Relationship between Input Parameters and Calculated Suspended Sediment Discharge by Bagnold and Lane – Kalinske Method (Bazoft River, Iran)

In this paper, two formulas were chosen among those that estimate the suspended sediment discharge in rivers. These two formulas were Lane and Kalinske and Bagnold. For studying and knowing the correlation between input parameters and calculated suspended sediment discharge (CSSD), the SPSS17 software was used. Input parameters in these two formulas were as: water […]

Original Article
Systemic Management of Mountainous Rangeland Ecosystem, Case Study: The Javaherdeh Rangeland of Ramsar

Mountainous rangeland ecosystems have a highly delicate position in ecologic area because of severe environmental conditions and having wildlife and livestock. Knowing and realizing the biotic and abiotic components, which have an interaction with each other in this ecosystem, perform the most important role in to desirable management of it. The systematic management is one […]

Original Article
Changes in Soil Organic Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Modified and Native Rangeland Communities (Case study: Sisab Rangelands, Bojnord)

Converting the native rangelands to simplified agronomic communities causes some changes in soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. Establishing of perennial plant communities on formerly cultivated rangelands is expected to stabilize soil properties and increase the amount of C, N, P stored in rangeland soils, but there is little information on what plant communities are the […]

Original Article
Diet Selection by Sheep and Goats on Upland Rangelands (North Alborz) Case Study: Javaherdeh Rangeland of Ramsar

To reach the desirable ecosystem management, determining the animal diet selection, which is one of the components of rangeland ecosystem, is important. Therefore, in order to determine the grazing behavior and diet selection of sheep and goat, the upland rangeland of northern part of Alborz was selected. In this study, the first weeks of July […]

Original Article
Quantifying the Rate of Environmental Factors Effect on Astragalus verus and Agropyron trichophorum Using Decision Support System and Multivariate Analysis of PCA

Vegetation cover over time and space is the result of interactions between vegetation cover and environmental factors. Changes occurred in range covers are caused by matrix dominance, one of the most important environmental factors. Decision support system (DSS) could be used for determining the rate and importance of each factor. Actually, in methods based on […]

Original Article
Multi-Criteria Evaluation Model for Desertification Hazard Zonation mapping Using GIS (Study Area: Trouti Watershed, Golestan, Iran)

Desertification is one of the major issues threatening human communities. Many methods have been developed for assessment and mapping of desertification hazards. In this research, multi-criteria evaluation method was used to investigate desertification process in Trouti watershed, Golestan Province, Iran. At the first step, major desertification factors were determined by doing field surveys. They were […]