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Journal of Rangeland Science (JRS)

Editor-in-Chief: Ali Ashraf Jafari, PhD

Online ISSN: 2423-642X

Print ISSN: 2008-9996

Publishes Quarterly

Original Article
Growth, Phytoremediation Potency and Essential Oil Component of Ferula haussknechtii H.Wolff ex Rech.f. Grown Under Lead Stress Conditions

Ferula haussknechtii H. Wolff ex Rech.F. is an important medicinal plant belonging to the Apiaceae, family. In order to investigate the effect of Pb on the growth, chemical composition of essential oil and accumulation of metals in this species, a pot study was conducted under glasshouse condition. Seeds were collected from natural rangelands of Lorestan […]

Original Article
Chemical Composition, in Situ Degradation, and Fermentation Kinetics of Some Browse Plant Species Collected From Algerian Arid And Semi-Arid Areas

The chemical composition and digestibility of twelve plant samples (Arthrocnemum macrostachyum, Atriplex canescens, Artemesia herba-alba, Astragalus gombo, Calobota saharae Ceratonia siliqua, Gleditsia triacanthos, Hedysarum coronarium, Medicago sativa, Ononis natrix L, Hordeum vulgare and Stipa tenacissima L.) grown in arid and semi-arid areas of Algeria were evaluated (in 2010). Feed components were determined by proximate analysis […]