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Geoconservation Research (Geoconserv. Res.)

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Benton, PhD

Online ISSN: 2588-7343

Print ISSN: 2645-4661

Publishes Biannual

Original Article Geotourism Geoconservation Geoheritage
Geoheritage Sites and Geoconservation at Pha Chan – Sam Phan Bok Geopark, Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand

The Pha Chan – Sam Phan Bok Geopark is at the easternmost part of Thailand and has the border with Laos. Furthermore, it is the most famous Mekong River Civilization area and dominated by sedimentary rocks of the Khorat Plateau. Different erosion rate produces spectacular landforms such as potholes, rapids, stacks, cliffs, and cascades. According […]

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Original Article Geoconservation Paleontology
Saving a Legacy: Conservation of the paleontology resources within the Garden Park National Natural Landmark, Colorado, USA

The Garden Park National Natural Landmark in central Colorado U.S.A. was established for 40 acres (0.16 sq. km) by the U.S. National Park Service in 1973 in recognition of its historical and paleontological significance. It was here that rather complete dinosaur skeletons were first discovered in great abundance and diversity in the late 1800s, sparking […]

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Original Article Geoheritage Geoconservation
Conservation of Geomorpological Heritage in the Homolje Area (Eastern SERBIA) – Current State and Perspectives

Homolje is one of the most developed geomorphological areas in Eastern Serbia. Shallow karsts prevail across this region with cover vegetation and soil, with developed surfaces, and underground karst landforms. This type of terrain leads to the occurrence of different geomorphological landforms that stand out from the rest, primarily for their scientific, aesthetic and ecological […]

Original Article Geoconservation
Geopolitical Concerns Arising From Mining Activities in Some Parts of Nigeria and Cameroon

Environmental problems due to mining activities in Nigeria and Cameroon have been a source of geopolitical concern. Here, we explore these issues in terms of the balance of economic benefits from mining and ensuring geological site maintenance and enhancement. The study was carried out through the use of questionnaires and interviews. 179 respondents were sampled, […]

Short Communications Geoconservation
Burmese Amber Fossils, Mining, Sales and Profits

The present work investigates the mining and sale of fossiliferous Burmese amber to determine if the profits are being used by the Myanmar military to commit atrocities against minority groups or ethnic armies within the country, as recently implied.  Our conclusion, based on the information available to us, is that the great majority of Burmese […]

Editorials Geoconservation Geoparks Paleontology
European UNESCO Geoparks: Introduction to Part I

The concept of the volume is to survey all the key geoparks throughout Europe in terms of their palaeontological significance. The first 25 articles in this Part cover the long span of geological time from the Precambrian to the Permian, arranged in chronostratigraphic order. These document some of the most important early stages in the […]

Original Article Geoconservation
The Paradox of the Pavements – How the Cultural Value of Limestone Pavements Resulted in Widespread Damage to These Landforms Across Northern Britain and What Has Been Done about it

Limestone pavements, formed in part as a result of glacial scour, are highly valued parts of the landscape of northern Britain. They have been quarried extensively for use in both gardening and for landscaping in urban recreational spaces. Legal protection was provided in the 1980s and extraction has since been halted in England. This has […]

Original Article Geoconservation
Investigation of Geological Diversity Based on the Degree of Sensitivity and the Amount of Equilibrium and Resilience of the Geosystem (Case study: The Eastern Kopet-Dagh Zone)

Geomorphological principles show that the earth’s surface is not fixed and changes over time. The physical elements of the earth’s surface, from microscopic components such as minerals to macroscopic phenomena such as landforms, are all part of geodiversity. Landform equilibrium and resilience are related to the resistance to the erosion pattern. In other words, morphogenic […]

Original Article Geoconservation
The Geo-educational and Conservational Challenges Posed by Unconsolidated Deposits: Some Thoughts and Possible Solutions as Applied to Diamicton Deposits from the British Isles

Unconsolidated diamicton deposits of Quaternary age cover much of the lowland areas of the British Isles. These are often poorly exposed and as a result their influence on development and importance as palaeontological archives are often under appreciated. Maintaining exposures in such strata is often challenging and their incorporation into the built environment is limited […]

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Original Article Geoconservation
Establishment of the Luoping Biota National Geopark in Yunnan, China

Geoparks in China have been a great success story, with 284 national geoparks and 41 of them accorded UNESCO international status, the highest number for any country in the world. We track the progress of one of the geoparks, Luoping Biota National Geopark in Yunnan Province, from initial plans after its discovery as a key […]

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