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Geoconservation Research (Geoconserv. Res.)

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Benton, PhD

Online ISSN: 2588-7343

Print ISSN: 2645-4661

Publishes Biannual



Presenting your article through a Two-minute Video Clip

Dear Authors

Geoconservation Research has established a new project to improve the visibility and citations of published articles by informing potential readers in a different way. A recorded clip about an article can save reader’s time and attract their attention.

In our project, we ask authors (one of the authors) to prepare a clip about their published papers in our journal. In this clip, the author can speak about their article published in GCR and highlight the importance of their research work.

We will upload Videos on YouTube, the journal channel, and put the link in the website beside your paper.


Format of clip must be MP4

Duration of Videos must be only two minutes and the size should be no more than 60 MB

One of authors (as representative) can speak about the article published, in other words, we only have one video for each article.

Authors must speak in fluent and correct English Language

In videos, the author can illustrate the film clip with any figures and other materials published in their article.

Authors can contact us via email: [email protected]

The authors must provide a Word file with the following information.

Title of article:




Volume, Issue and page number:

Presenter’s Name and surname:

Presenter’s cell phone: 

Presenter’s Email 

Agreement from other authors: