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Optimizing electron trajectories in combined helical wiggler and solenoidal magnetic fields for effective particle acceleration



Charged particle acceleration is the subject of great interest because of its applications in various fields such as thermonuclear fusion, nuclear physics, radiation generation, coherent harmonic generation, probing materials, medical science, food preservation, etc. The particle acceleration is usually done by interacting the particles with strong electric fields. Since the magnetic field diverts the particle motion, this also plays a vital role in the particle interaction with the electromagnetic fields. In the present work, a combined configuration of helical wiggler and solenoidal magnetic fields has been used to optimize the trajectory of the electron for effective particle acceleration. In this concept, the solenoidal field controls the transverse components of the electron velocities and wiggler field confines the helical motion of the electron. The optimized values of magnitudes of solenoidal field and wiggler magnetic field and its period / wavelength make this configuration useful for particle acceleration in waveguide.

Graphical Abstract