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Analysis and design of microwave resonant plasma source for Iranian Space Plasma Simulation Chamber



In the present study, the microwave resonant plasma source has been designed to provide the ionosphere
like condition inside the Iranian Space Plasma Simulation Chamber (ISPSC). This chamber contains plasma
with electron density of 1×105 −1×1010 cm−3 and temperature of 1-5 eV. In order to reach these plasma
parameters inside the ISPSC, the plasma source cylindrical cavity mode TE112 is used. Then, the produced
plasma is transferred into the Chamber through the holes created on the end wall of the cavity. Since the plasma
characteristics in the resonant cavity depend on the gas pressure and the input power, the microwave and plasma
interaction, power absorption, electron density and temperature were evaluated by the Comsol Multiphysics and
obtained results have been presented.

Graphical Abstract