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Keyword: Vegetation

Original Article
Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Meteorological Droughts Effect on Vegetation Droughts in Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran

Vegetation cover is one of the living components of terrestrial ecosystems and plays an important role in many ecosystem processes that are strongly influenced by climatic events. Thus, meteorological droughts can significantly affect the vegetation cover, especially in arid and semi-arid regions where vegetation is more sensitive to environmental conditions. This study was conducted with […]

Original Article
Effect of Three Operation Systems of Contour Furrow, Pitting and Enclousure on Rangeland Improvement (Case Study: Golestan Province, Iran)

In order to study the effects of three operations of rangelands on the properties of vegetation in rangelands, this research was conducted in Chaat Gonbad, Golestan province, Iran in 2004. Chaat area is located in 50 km of border road of Dashlibroun to Maravetappeh in North of Attract River (border of Iran and Turkmenistan). The […]

Original Article
Multivariate Statistical Method for Assessing Livestock Grazing Effects on Soil and Vegetation in Steppe Rangelands (Case Study: Steppe Rangelands of Saveh)

This study aims to assess the effect of grazing intensity on vegetation structure, soil nutrient concentrations and soil physical properties. The study was carried out in steppe rangelands of Saveh, Markazi province, Iran. Four sites with four grazing intensities including very high, high, moderate and non-grazed with the same ecological conditions were selected. To study […]

Original Article
Floristic Structure and Vegetation Composition of Boralan Mountainous Rangelands in North-Western Azerbaijan, Iran

Recognition of habitats and conditions of species presences in different situations can be effective in proper utilization of vegetation. Little is known about the vegetation composition of Boralan Mountain region located in North West of Iran in the border of Turkey and Azerbaijan with the altitude range of 800-2000m. The aim of this study therefore […]

Original Article
Presentation of Suitable Model to Estimate Vegetation Fraction Using Satellite Images in Arid Region (Case Study: Sadough- Yazd, Iran)

One of the influential tools concerning the rangeland and vegetation sciences is the technology of remote sensing and satellite data. Satellite data have played essential roles in preparing the needed information for studying the vegetation. Vegetation has been widely recognized as one of the best indicators for determining the land conditions. Using vegetation indices is […]

Original Article
Change of Species Diversity in Vascular Plants Across Ecological Species Groups

Biodiversity plays a crucial role in stability and productivity of natural ecosystem. The main goal of this research was to classify ecological groups in steppe rangeland and investigate their relationships with plant diversity indices. Therefore, fifty different Land Unit Tracts (LUT) were identified in Khod-Neuk basin, Yazd province, Iran, in 2010. Vegetation and soil samples […]

Original Article
Investigating Vegetation of Mowed and Grazed Areas in Tamdere Village Alpine Pastures in Turkey

Activities of transhumance ongoing have been mostly carried out in alpine pastures for centuries in Turkey. These pastures used unconsciously have faced to the danger of extinction. In order to implement improvement plans in the mentioned areas, qualitative and quantitative characteristics of pastures should be determined. This study was conducted in the mowed and grazed […]

Original Article
Comparing Different Modeling Techniques for Predicting Presence-absence of Some Dominant Plant Species in Mountain Rangelands, Mazandaran Province

In applied studies, the investigation of the relationship between a plant species and environmental variables is essential to manage ecological problems and rangeland ecosystems. This research was conducted in summer 2016. The aim of this study was to compare the predictive power of a number of Species Distribution Models (SDMs) and to evaluate the importance […]

Original Article
Evaluation of Rainwater Harvesting Methods and its Effect on Vegetation and Soil Characteristics (Case Study: Bolbol rangelands , Ashkzar, Yazd Province, Iran)

In order to investigate the effect of contour furrow on the vegetation and soil characteristics, a study was conducted at Bolbol rangelands, Ashkazar, Yazd Province, Iran in 2020. The implementation of contour furrow was done previously at the rangeland in the area of 100 ha in 2006. Data were collected at both contour furrow site […]

Original Article
Application of Land Measurements for Detection the Climate Changes Impact on Vegetation Dynamics, Kermanshah Province, Iran

Vegetation is an important component of terrestrial ecosystems whose changes are controlled by climate changes and human activities. In order to detection the climate changes impact on vegetation dynamics of Kermanshah province, Iran, this study was conducted using multi-time images of NDVI and EVI regarded as vegetation indices taken by Modis sensors. Also, the trend […]