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Effect of Three Operation Systems of Contour Furrow, Pitting and Enclousure on Rangeland Improvement (Case Study: Golestan Province, Iran)



In order to study the effects of three operations of rangelands on the properties of vegetation in rangelands, this research was conducted in Chaat Gonbad, Golestan province, Iran in 2004. Chaat area is located in 50 km of border road of Dashlibroun to Maravetappeh in North of Attract River (border of Iran and Turkmenistan). The Altitude is 70 m, annual rainfall is 170 mm and annual temperature is 8.16°C. Most of rains fall in spring. In this study, four operation systems including contour furrow, pitting, enclosures and control area (without any operations) were conducted. Samples of vegetation factors were done randomly in 20 plots of 1m2. Data were collected for the forage production, vegetation cover% and canopy height. Data were subjected to analyses of variance and comparisons were made using Duncan method. The results showed significant differences among four operation systems for all traits (P<0.01). The results showed that contour furrow had more efficiency for plant characteristics compared to other operation systems.