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International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture (IJROWA)

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Hossein Pourmoghadas

Online ISSN: 2251-7715

Print ISSN: 2195-3228

Publishes Quarterly

Original Article
Utilization of Lagerstroemia speciosa dry leaf litter combined with cat-tle dung for the production of enriched vermicompost – A possibility of valorization

Purpose: Waste and waste disposal is a universal problem and attention is required in all ways. The plant generated waste (leaf litter) is also a type of organic waste that creates multiple issues in urban areas. Method: Vermicomposting is a suitable alternative safe, hygienic, and cost-effective disposal of organic solid waste with the help of […]

Original Article
Mobility of phosphorus from organic and inorganic source materials in a sandy soil

Purpose The long-term use of manure as a source of nutrients can promote phosphorus (P) leaching, especially in sandy soils. The aim was to evaluate P mobility from organic and mineral sources in columns, linked with the Dystric Xeropsamments adsorption characteristics with long-term organic fertilization regime. Methods The mineral, chemical, and physical properties of the […]

Original Article
Organic and inorganic fertilizer application enhances the effect of Bradyrhizobium on nodulation and yield of peanut (Arachis hypogea L.) in nutrient depleted and sandy soils of Ethiopia

Purpose An investigation was carried out to evaluate the effect of the integrated application of organic and inorganic fertilizer effect on Bradyrhizobium effectiveness on nodulation and yield of peanut at the major growing areas of Eastern Ethiopia, Babillae and Fedis sites. Methods Systemic combination of compost, manure, Bradyrhizobium inoculation and NP application was laid out […]

Original Article
Gneiss and steatite vermicomposted with organic residues: Release of nutrients and heavy metals

Purpose Use of silicate rock powders as fertilizer improves nutrient cycling, thus benefitting agriculture. The availability of nutrients to plants is often low, but can be increased when rock powder is vermicomposted and added. However, these powders can be rich in heavy metals, which may impair their use. We evaluated maize growth and heavy metals […]

Original Article
Aerated chicken, cow, and turkey manure extracts deferentially affect lettuce and kale yield in hydroponics

Purpose Manure extracts possess great potential as alternate inorganic fertilizers. However, limited information exists on how manure influences plant growth. This study’s aim was to determine the impact of aerated manure extracts on romaine lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. longifolia) and Russian kale (Brassica napus var. ‘Red Russian’) in hydroponic systems. Methods Chicken, cow, and turkey […]

Original Article
Change of soil quality based on humic acid with date palm compost incorporation

Purpose The most important factor affecting soil quality is soil humic fraction. Effects of adding carbon in soil humic compounds in arid environments have only been slightly investigated. The change in soil humic acids’ structures in relation with manure and palm compost application and the evolution of humic acids’ structures during palm composting have not […]

Original Article
Remediation of degraded soils with hydrogels from domestic animal wastes

Introduction This study reports on water management in the fields found in arid areas by the improvement of the soil’s water retention capacity. This was done using hydrogels from animal wastes to mitigate the effects of climate change that lead to rapid evaporation of water hence increased desertification rates. Method The modification of the cow […]

Original Article
Effect of phosphoric rock on the chemical, microbiological and enzymatic quality of poultry, equine and cattle manure compost mix

Purpose Phosphorus (P) is one of the key elements in the agricultural sector, allowing improved production yields. Phosphate rock is a natural source of phosphorus; however, its low reactivity limits the release of P available to plants in the short term, conditioning its application in a direct way. Research was conducted to determine the effect […]

Effect of phosphoric rock on the chemical, microbiological and enzymatic quality of poultry, equine and cattle manure compost mix
Original Article Biochar
Effect of biochar, biocompost and manure on the growth and productivity of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.): Field and pots study

Purpose Biochar is a carbon-rich coproduct resulting from pyrolyzing biomass. Positive effects on productivity, soil stability, carbon sequestration, soil fertility have been validated by several studies. The aim of the present study is to compare the effect of different rates of biochar “BC TD” (produced from the pyrolysis of seeds of date ‘D’ and “Tomato […]

Effect of biochar, biocompost and manure on the growth and productivity of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Field and pots study