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International Journal of Industrial Chemistry (IJIC)

Editor-in-Chief: Akbar Esmaeili, PhD

Online ISSN: 2228-5547

Print ISSN: 2228-5970

Publishes Quarterly

Original Article
High surface area SnO2 nanoparticles as a benign catalyst for the synthesis of 1,5-benzodiazepines

A benign and efficient promoted synthesis of 1,5-benzodiazepinederivatives via a simple and atom-economical reaction between 1,2-phenylenediamines as well as ketones by the usage of catalytic amount of SnO2 nanoparticlesat room temperature in ethanol as a solvent is described. This approach results for the synthesis of various 1,5-benzodiazepines in excellent yields (93-98%). The advantages of this […]

Original Article
Process optimization of corn starch nanoparticles containing linalyl acetate: characterization and antibacterial properties

In this research, the Taguchi approach optimized the preparation process of corn starch nanoparticles containing linalyl acetate (extracted from lavender). Sodium hydroxide and urea (solvent), ethanol (anti-solvent), and Tween 80 (surfactant) were employed for the synthesis in the nanoprecipitation method. The dimensions of the synthesized nanoparticles were measured by the dynamic light scattering method. The […]

Review Article
A review of advances in coaxial Electrospinning for drug delivery

Nanofibrous scaffolds are employed as drug carriers in the healthcare industry. Coaxial Electrospinning is a method for preparing core–shell nanofibers cost-effectively and efficiently in which the drugs or bioactive components are encapsulated into a body covered by a shell layer. The coaxial electrospun nanofiber morphology is affected by solution properties, process parameters, and environment parameters. […]

Original Article
Study of polyvinyl chloride/low density polyethylene wastes based blend

This research was aimed to study various PVC/LDPE blends in order to valorize the PVC and LDPE wastes by blending them. Indeed, this homopolymers constitute an important part of the plastic industry production in the world. The polymer blends were prepared by melt blending followed by extrusion. The obtained results showed that the mechanical properties […]

Original Article
Nitrate ion removal with new nanocomposite based on vermiculite

The vermiculite/aluminum oxide nanocomposite absorbent was investigated in this study using the gel decomposition method under the influence of ultrasound waves. It placed. It can absorb nitrate ions. Different analyses identified the adsorbents; the initial concentration, temperature, amount of adsorbent, contact time, and pH were evaluated in this case. Other isotherm models were used in […]

Nitrate ion removal with new nanocomposite based on vermiculite
Original Article
Clinical study of fire-dragon moxibustion therapy based on Fuyang Tongbi theory in wind-cold-dampness rheumatoid arthritis patients

Objective: To probe the clinical value of fire-dragon moxibustion treatment based on Fuyang Tongbi theory in wind-cold-dampness rheumatoid arthritis (R.A.) patients. Methods: 80 patients with joint pain were selected, including 40 in the fire-dragon moxibustion group and 40 in the conventional group. Patients in the traditional group accepted non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and other Chinese and […]

Original Article
Continuous fixed-bed studies for adsorptive remediation of phenol by garlic peel powder

In the quest for eco-friendly and cost-effective adsorbents for the removal of phenol from aqueous systems, garlic peel has been identified as a potential candidate in our earlier study. In the current investigations, we have studied the performance of garlic peel powder in packed fixed-bed column, to assess its potential for real-time deployment for remediation […]

Original Article
PEG cross-linked Chitosan: a biomacromolecule as corrosion inhibitor for sugar industry

The present work reports the application of polyethylene glycol (PEG) cross-linked chitosan (Cht-PEG) as a green corrosion inhibitor. This is the first study reporting the application of Cht-PEG as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 1 M sulphamic acid solution. The results of gravimetric measurements, electrochemical study and surface analysis (SEM) are presented in this […]

Original Article
Thermodynamic optimization of steady-flow industrial chemical processes

Industrial steady-flow chemical processes are generally organised as a sequence of individually optimised operations. However, this may not achieve overall optimization since material (as recycle), heat and work transfers overall may not be well balanced. We introduce the idea of a preliminary overall thermodynamic balance to produce a reversible process, with the objective of minimising, […]

Original Article
Aging studies of a polypropylene and natural rubber blend

The literature relatively lacks results and data related to the direct influence of physical aging on the properties of polypropylene and natural rubber blend; so, the objective of this research was to study the influence of thermal and ultraviolet (UV) aging on a natural rubber (NR) SMR-ω and polypropylene (PP) blend. This toughened blend is […]