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Establishment of the Luoping Biota National Geopark in Yunnan, China

Geoparks in China have been a great success story, with 284 national geoparks and 41 of them accorded UNESCO international status, the highest number for any country in the world. We track the progress of one of the geoparks, Luoping Biota National Geopark in Yunnan Province, from initial plans after its discovery as a key […]

The Geo-educational and Conservational Challenges Posed by Unconsolidated Deposits: Some Thoughts and Possible Solutions as Applied to Diamicton Deposits from the British Isles

Unconsolidated diamicton deposits of Quaternary age cover much of the lowland areas of the British Isles. These are often poorly exposed and as a result their influence on development and importance as palaeontological archives are often under appreciated. Maintaining exposures in such strata is often challenging and their incorporation into the built environment is limited […]

Cultural Geomorphology as an Attraction to Promote Geotourism (Case Study: Neyshabur and Firuzeh Counties)

Surface topography is involved with cultural values in some destinations, and Neyshabur and Firuzeh Counties constitute good examples. In this paper, we present the primary geosites with cultural geomorphology values and aims to investigate the appropriate solutions for promoting geotourism with an emphasis on cultural geomorphology. Thematic analysis as a qualitative method and observation was […]

Investigation of Geological Diversity Based on the Degree of Sensitivity and the Amount of Equilibrium and Resilience of the Geosystem (Case study: The Eastern Kopet-Dagh Zone)

Geomorphological principles show that the earth's surface is not fixed and changes over time. The physical elements of the earth's surface, from microscopic components such as minerals to macroscopic phenomena such as landforms, are all part of geodiversity. Landform equilibrium and resilience are related to the resistance to the erosion pattern. In other words, morphogenic […]

The Paradox of the Pavements – How the Cultural Value of Limestone Pavements Resulted in Widespread Damage to These Landforms Across Northern Britain and What Has Been Done about it

Limestone pavements, formed in part as a result of glacial scour, are highly valued parts of the landscape of northern Britain. They have been quarried extensively for use in both gardening and for landscaping in urban recreational spaces. Legal protection was provided in the 1980s and extraction has since been halted in England. This has […]

Report of 4GEON: A Project of Four Continents Connected Through Playful Geoeducation

IGCP project No. 751 focuses on educational and ‘fun’ aspects of geoconservation, and its first year experienced the exchange of information between the geoparks of Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. The following are particularly worthy of further elaboration and future efforts: 1) the offer by the geoparks to award local institutions […]

Geological Sites Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda: A Survey on the North Coast of São Paulo, Brazil

An essential component for sustaining biodiversity and providing natural resources for society is the management of geodiversity, as represented by the geoheritage of a region, comprising a collection of geosites. In nature conservation planning, the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide an excellent framework for both the private and public sectors. The north coast […]

Peer Review Process

Peer review is a process in scientific publishing in which experts in a field review and evaluate the quality of research articles or other materials before publication. The purpose of peer review is to ensure that only high-quality, original research is published and to identify any flaws or limitations in work. Peer review is a […]

Conference Proceedings and Special Issues

If you are planning a conference in line with the aims and scope of the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics (JTAP), this is the best provider for your conference papers. The editorial board of JATP welcomes guest editors to publish a special issue in their scientific field in line with the aims and scope of this […]