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About dark matter as an emerging entity from elementary energy density fluctuations of a three-dimensional quantum vacuum



AbstractA new suggestive explanation of dark matter as an emerging phenomenon determined by the polarization of a three-dimensional quantum vacuum, i.e., by opportune quantum vacuum energy density fluctuations, associated with processes of manifestation/demanifestation of virtual pairs of particles-antiparticles, in a background characterized by a fluctuating viscosity, is proposed. It is shown that the observed flattening of the orbital speeds of the arms of spiral galaxies is generated by an appropriate perturbative fluctuation of energy density of the three-dimensional quantum vacuum, which corresponds to a degree of viscosity, on the ultra-low frequencies. In this approach, a unifying re-reading of ordinary matter, dark matter, and dark energy as phenomena deriving from the energy density fluctuations of the same three-dimensional quantum vacuum is obtained.