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Journal of Rangeland Science (JRS)

Editor-in-Chief: Ali Ashraf Jafari, PhD

Online ISSN: 2423-642X

Print ISSN: 2008-9996

Publishes Quarterly

Volume 14 (2024)

Issue 2 (April 2024)

Short Communications
Production Potential of Thymus atlanticus (Ball) Roussine in the Eastern High Atlas of Morocco

Aromatic and medicinal plants are a rich source of substances that are beneficial to human health. At a socio-economic level, the exploitation of medicinal plants constitutes an important income for the local populations. However, the use of these plants in recent decades has put a lot of pressure on these resources, and many species suffer […]

Original Article
Effects of Cutting Date on Yield, Morphological and Quality Traits of Three Grass Species under Irrigation Conditions in North Mecha District, Ethiopia

This study was aimed to study the effects of cutting interval on yield, morphological and quality traits of three grass species under irrigation conditions in Mecha district, Ethiopia. There were three kinds of grasses namely Para (Brachiaria mutica Stapf.), Napier (Pennisetum purpureum), and Desho (Pennisetum pedicellatum) at three cutting days (60, 90,120). The experimental design […]

Original Article
Effects of Fertilizer Type and Harvest Date on Yield and Quality Traits of Brchiaria Hybrid Mulato II Grass (Brachiaria ruziziensis) in Highlands of Ethiopia

The experiment was conducted to assess the effects of fertilizer types, and harvesting date on plant growth characteristics, dry matter (DM) yield and nutritional qualities of Mulato II grass. Data on plant growth characteristics, DM yield, and nutritional qualities of the grass were measured. The findings elucidated that fertilizer had a significant effect on the […]

Original Article
Prediction of Climatic Ecological Nest of Artemisia aucheri Boiss, in Tehran Province, Iran Based on Modeling

Optimal habitat has a beneficial effect on species survival. In this research a logistic regression statistical method was used to prepare the potential distribution map of Artemisia aucheri Boiss. in 2020-2021. The maps of 19 bioclimatic and three physiographic variables with a resolution of 4.9 km under the current conditions prepared. Then, sampling information related […]

Original Article
Production of Browse Trees/Shrubs under Climate Change Conditions in the Butana Rangelands of Sudan

The study was conducted in the Butana region of Sudan to assess the impact of climate change on the browse trees/shrubs cover and production in the Butana rangelands. Five meteorological stations surrounding Butana were selected to represent the region’s climate. Simple regression analysis was used to analyze the trend of climate variables (rainfall, temperature). The […]

Original Article
Determining Ecological Thresholds in Saline Habitats on Western Shore of Lake Urmia, Iran

In temporal and spatial patterns, the critical (ecological) thresholds have rapid changes in ecological gradient. Determination of thresholds along the environmental gradients can help to control destructive factors and therefore, the success in restoration projects can be guaranteed. This study was conducted to evaluate the trend of changes in functional and structural indices along soil […]

Original Article
Climate Change Implications on the Rangelands Condition in West Guji and Borana Zones, Southern Ethiopia

Climate change is one of the most serious threats to rangeland. The implications of climate change on the rangelands conditions of the Duda and Gomole in Southern Ethiopia were examined. Measurements of rangeland were made using field survey and focus group discussions. Descriptive statistics, one way ANOVA was employed to detect whether significant difference exists […]

Original Article
The Response of Topsoil Properties and Nitrogen Transformation to Land Cover in a Semi-arid Rangeland (Case Study: Kojur Rangeland in Mazandaran Province, Iran)

The role of different plant covers (i.e. Artemisia aucheri Boiss, Cousinia commutate Bunge and Agropyron longiaristatum Boiss) in topsoil properties and Nitrogen transformation is less known under semi-arid mountains. The main objective of this research was to study the effect of land covers on topsoil properties and nitrogen transformation. The study was carried out for […]