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Journal of Rangeland Science (JRS)

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Ali Ashraf Jafari

Online ISSN: 2423-642X

Print ISSN: 2008-9996

Publishes Quarterly

Volume 3 (2013)

Issue 3, July 2013

Original Article
Effects of Salinity on Seedling Growth and Physiological Traits of Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria zizanioides Stapf)

Vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) is known to be survived under the diverse soil and water conditions. In order to study the effects of salinity stress on the seedling growth of the desired species, a completely randomized design was conducted with 3 replications. Seeds were sown in the salty-soil plots in the greenhouse. Salinity levels were […]

Original Article
Mapping Soil Organic Carbon Using IRS-AWIFS Satellite Imagery (Case Study: Dehaghan Rangeland, Isfahan, IRAN)

Soil organic matter has positive consequences eht rof quality and productivity of soil and also environment, agricultural and biological sustainability and conservation of biodiversity and soil. Organic matter plays an important role in the physical and chemical processes of soil and thus, it is of a great effect on the spectral characteristics of soil. This […]

Original Article
Effects of Shrub Canopy on the Microclimate and Soil Properties of Steppe Rangeland

In arid and semi-arid ecosystems, shrubs may act as fertility islands but their effect may vary depending on their morphology and ecological impacts. This research was aimed to study effect of three shrubs Scariola orientalis, Astragalus heratensis, and Rosa persica on soil properties and on the microclimate conditions (temperature, luminance, and soil moisture) of their […]

Original Article
Studying the Impacts of Cold Temperature on Morphological and Phonological Development of Poa pratensis and Poa trivialis Regarding GDD

Poa genus has a high value for grazing and forage conservation concerning the livestock. In order to study the impacts of cold temperature and Growing Degree Days (GDD) on seedling morphological trait and phonological development of two species involving Poa pratensis and Poa trivialis, this research was conducted in laboratory and greenhouse and outdoor of […]

Original Article
Effects of Selection on Genetic Parameters of Secale montanum Based on Seed Storage Protein Marker

Secale montanum is one of the important perennial grasses growing naturally in arid to semiarid pastures and rangelands, with a typical Mediterranean climate, in northern and western Iran at altitudes of 800-2900 m. In this paper, seed storage protein profiles of nine wild populations of S. montanum from different regions of Iran and their phenotypically […]

Original Article
Variations in Forage Quality of Two Halophyte Species, Camphorosma monspeliaca and Limonium iranicum at Three Phenological Stages

This study was conducted to compare forage quality of two native halophyte species Camphorosma monspeliaca and Limonium iranicum collected from Meighan saline rangelands near Arak city in center of Iran. Edible biomass of both species was sampled on three phonological stages (vegetative growth, full flowering and seed ripening). Forage quality indices such as Crude Protein […]

Original Article
Rainfall Characteristics of the Liudaogou Catchment on the Northern Loess Plateau of China

The objectives of this study were to understand the rainfall characteristics of the wind-water erosion crisscross region on the northern Loess Plateau, China, to provide basis for the studies on mitigation of soil erosion, estimation on surface water resources and local hydrological circle, etc. The Liudaogou Catchment with representative climatic and hydrologic conditions of wind-water […]

Original Article
Statistical Downscaling HadCM3 Model for Detection and Perdiction of Seasonal Climatic Variations (Case Study: Khabr Rangeland, Kerman, Iran)

Rangelands are one of the most vulnerable parts concerning the climate changes‟ impacts. These impacts are even stronger in the arid and semi-arid areas where rangeland ecosystems are in critical conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to figure out the actual dynamics of climate variations on the rangelands. The aim of this research was to determine […]