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Journal of Rangeland Science (JRS)

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Ali Ashraf Jafari

Online ISSN: 2423-642X

Print ISSN: 2008-9996

Publishes Quarterly

Volume 4 (2014)

Issue 2, April 2014

Original Article
Investigation of Heavy Metals Accumulation in Plants Growing in Contaminated Soils (Case Study: Qazvin Province, Iran)

Environmental pollution with heavy metals is a global disaster that is related to human activities. This study was conducted to determine the extent of heavy metals accumulation by plant species in Lia industrial city (Qazvin, Iran) and to investigate the remediative capacity of native plant species grown in the contaminated soils. Soil and industrial wastewater […]

Original Article
Selection of Appropriate Estimation Methods of Range Conditions (Case Study: Kabirkooh Rangelands of Zagros, Iran)

The range conditions explain its health as a management tool. Obviously, the implementation of this important assessment requires the most appropriate study method for each region. In order to select the most appropriate methods of range conditions in Kabirkooh grasslands of Zagros in Iran, five estimation methods (i.e. six-factor, fourfactor, vegetation and soil combination, value […]

Original Article
Effect of Different Treatments on Improving Seed Germination Characteristics of Astragalus adscendens and Astragalus podolobus

Nowadays, in many rangelands, due to over grazing, and problems that some plants have in germination, the rate of forage production is greatly reduced. So to take advantages of the benefits of such plants, it is necessary to identify and remove barriers of germination and establishment of suitable plants. The present study was designed to […]

Original Article
Determination of Potential Habitat of Two Rangeland Species in Semi-Desert Area Using GIS (Case Study: Watershed of Kolah Deraz, Qasr-e-Shirin, Iran)

To determine the potential habitat of two rangeland species of Salsola rigida and Agropyron trichophorum in Qasr-e-Shirin, Iran, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) techniques were used. At first, several maps (vegetation cover and land uses maps and thematic maps of various organizations) were collected or prepared. For digitizing geology, vegetation and conventional […]

Original Article
Species Richness, Evenness and Plant Community Stability 22 Years after Ploughing a Semiarid Rangeland

Rangeland ploughing and cultivation using dry land farming crops may be a major reason for the destruction of natural resources in the semiarid and sub-humid regions which may significantly change the composition and reduce the stability of the affected communities. In present research, an abandoned ploughed site was compared with a nearby reference site in […]

Original Article
Investigation of Habitat Characteristics and Phenology of Five Range Species in Highlands of Kashan, Iran

Knowledge on habitat characteristics and nature of regional vegetation in rangelands is a prerequisite for any planning and proper range management along with sustainable development of renewable natural resources. Rangelands in southern and western highlands of Kashan, Iran are of good vegetation diversity but unfortunately, palatable and desirable species are endangered in recent years. This […]

Original Article
Effects of Seed Scarification on Vegetation Parameters in Some Astragalus Species under Field Conditions (Case Study: Homand Absard, Damavand, Iran)

This research aims to evaluate the effects of seed scarification on five perennial Astragalus species including A. effusus, A. vegetus, A. subsecundus, A. brevidens and A. cyclophyllon in the field conditions. Seeds were sown after scarification with sandpaper by hand in the field of Homand Absard Rangeland Research Station, Damavand, Iran in autumn in 2008. […]

Original Article
Analyzing Effective Factors on Rangeland Exploitation by Using A’WOT (Case Study: Aq Qala Rangelands, Golestan, Iran)

Rangelands are known as one of the main income resources for their exploiters. In the recent century, management of Iran rangeland has undergone vast transformations because of vulnerable socio-economic conditions of pastoralists. A study was done to provide a clear picture of the status and utilization of Aq Qala rangelands via assessing internal and external […]