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Journal of Rangeland Science (JRS)

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Ali Ashraf Jafari

Online ISSN: 2423-642X

Print ISSN: 2008-9996

Publishes Quarterly

Volume 6 (2016)

Issue 1, January 2016

Original Article
Impact of Salinity Stress on Photochemical Efficiency of Photosystem II, Chlorophyll Content and Nutrient Elements of Nitere Bush (Nitraria schoberi L.) Plants

Salinity is one of major stresses which can severely limit plant production, especially in the arid and semi-arid regions. The present study was carried out to evaluate the impact of salinity stress on some physio-biochemical parameters in nitre bush plants (Nitraria schoberi). Thus, an experiment was carried out under natural conditions and salinity stress was […]

Original Article
Common Reed (Phragmites australis) as a Bio Refining and Monitoring Plant of Pollution Resulting from Heavy Metals (Case Study: Dez River, Dezful, Iran)

One of the most important methods to investigate heavy metals as pollutants is more likely to use bio-monitors which can be applied as an appropriate index to express the quality of environment. In current study, in order to investigate the effects of dominant plants in the desired region and role of aquatic macrophytes in monitoring […]

Original Article
Potential of Carbon Sequestration of Hammada salicornica Vegetation Type in Desert Areas (Case Study: South Khorasan, Iran)

Climate change due to increasing the level of greenhouse gases including CO2 is the main environmental issue of the world in the new century. One of the effective way for reducing atmospheric CO2 is carbon sequestration by plants and soils. A vast area of Iran has desert condition with special adapted plant species in which […]

Original Article
Assessment of Drought Severity Using Vegetation Temperature Condition Index (VTCI) and Terra/MODIS Satellite Data in Rangelands of Markazi Province, Iran

The drought caused a series of effects on many sectors of economy, especially natural resources. During two last decades, Iran has suffered from several severe to extreme agricultural droughts which caused significant decreases in rangeland and agriculture yields. This paper discusses the detection of agricultural drought severity over the rangelands of Markazi Province between 2000 […]

Original Article
Assessment of Feed Resources Utilization for Livestock Production by Agro-Pastoralists in Tafa Local Government Area of Nigeria

Feed resources availability at cheap and affordable prices for livestock consumption are major factors determining capability of livestock production to supply products for increasing urban and cities consumers in Nigeria. To take advantages of the high demand in urban areas, livestock producers on extensive pastoralism are moving closer to cities and urban communities such as […]

Original Article
Investigating the Germination Characteristics of Poterium sanguisorba Seeds under the Influence of Thermal Treatments for Pasture Establishment

Common burnet (Poterium sanguisorba) is a perennial herb from rose family (Rosaceae) which is used to construct pastures. The studied plant can resist against freezing, cool and drought. The present study was conducted to study the seed germination parameters of common burnet in different thermal treatments as completely randomized design in 4 replications in 2013. […]

Original Article
Relationship between Some Environmental Factors with Distribution of Medicinal Plants in Ghorkhud Protected Region, Northern Khorasan Province, Iran

Medicinal plant species constitute a considerable part of the flora in Iran and play a major role in the composition of plant communities. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the factors leading to the establishment and distribution of vegetation. For data sampling (2012), land units were specified. The plot size was determined using minimal area […]

Original Article
Rangeland Degradation Assessment in the South Slope of Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar, Northeast Libya Using Remote Sensing Technology

The degradation rate of Mediterranean steppes, especially in North Africa is 1% per year, and this considered a high  rate of degradation. This study conducted in 2014 in the south slope of Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar, northeast Libya to quantify the vegetation recovery rate and assess selected Vegetation Indices (VIs) for mapping rangelands degradation status using remote […]

Original Article
Dust Particles and Aerosols: Impact on Biota “A Review” (Part I)

The impacts of Dust and Sand Storms (DSS) on people, crops, livestock, infrastructure and health are well documented. Data have accumulated on the deleterious effects of dust aerosols when they settle on plants. Sand blasting of low growing plants is a common cause of failure in reforestation efforts. Burial of plants by moving sands are […]

Original Article

Dr. Mohamad Reza Moghadam, professor of range management Department, Tehran University has been one of the most important and influential person on science of range management in Iran. He was born in Tabriz city on May 5th, 1940 and graduated in range management from Montpellier University, French in October 1963. Most of the mangers, scientists […]