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Synthesis of new magnetic reusable oil sorbent catalysts based on dodecanol and dodecyl sulfate: their application for oil/water separation



Magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) were treated with dodecyl sulfate (DS) and dodecanol (DO) to enhance
their affinity for lipids. Various methods, such as X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), scanning
electron microscopy (SEM), vibrating sample magnetometery (VSM), thermal gravimetric analysis
(TGA), and FTIR spectroscopy were employed to analyze and characterize these modified MNPs.
The functionalized MNPs were employed to adsorb different types of oils (edible, motor, and diesel
oils). MNP@DO and MNP@DS exhibited oil absorption capacities of up to three and two times
their own mass for edible oil, respectively. The complete repulsion of water was evident, and a
rapid interaction between lipophilic magnetic catalysts and oil on the water’s surface was observed.
These oil-absorbing catalysts could be efficiently removed by employing an external magnet, and
they demonstrated excellent reusability. The findings indicate that these novel catalysts exhibit
substantial oil-absorbing capabilities and can be used as low-cost and effective technique for
oil/solvent-spill cleanups.


  • Ø  Magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) were functionalized with dodecyl sulfate and dodecanol
  • Ø  These catalysts have quick interaction with oil on the surface of water
  • Ø  Oil-absorbent catalysts are separated efficiently applying an external magnetic field
  • Ø  The oil-absorption capacity of the catalysts not significantly decreased even after 10 times of reusability

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