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International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture (IJROWA)

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Hossein Pourmoghadas

Online ISSN: 2251-7715

Print ISSN: 2195-3228

Publishes Quarterly

Volume 7 (2018)

Issue 1, March 2018

Original Article
Effect of date palm waste compost on forage alfalfa growth, yield, seed yield and minerals uptake

Purpose Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is one of the predominant fruit trees grown in oases ecosystems (Southern Mediterranean regions) and produces several wastes during practicing cultivation since fruit and bunch thinning is frequently applied. Yet, the valorization of date palm wastes as bioresources has received little attention. The main objective for the present research […]

Original Article
Biochar‑compost mixture as amendment for improvement of polybag‑growing media and oil palm seedlings at main nursery stage

Purpose Production of oil palm seedling in the nursery mainly utilises top soil as polybag medium. These soils, especially in tropical regions, are acidic and have low organic matter content. The aim of this study was to investigate the efects of oil palm empty fruit bunch (EFB) biochar and compost incorporation as amendment in polybag […]

Original Article
Comparison of vermiwash and vermicompost tea properties produced from diferent organic beds under greenhouse conditions

Purpose Using diferent organic beds to produce vermicompost may infuence on quality of vermicompost and its derived productions. Methods A greenhouse experiment was conducted to compare the properties of vermicompost, vermiwash and vermicompost tea obtained from three types of organic beds consisted of cow manure, leaf meal and a combination of cow manure and leaf […]

Original Article
Application of rock phosphate enriched composts increases nodulation, growth and yield of chickpea

Purpose Phosphorus (P) defciency in agricultural land is one of the main factors which reduce the crop production and yield. To increase the crop growth, the availability of P using the rock phosphate (RP) can be enhanced using organic waste with the addition of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms (PSMs). Moreover, the combination along with time and […]

Original Article
Organic mulch sheet formulation as an efort to help plants adapt to climate change

Purpose This study aimed to discover the precise material composition and thickness (water hyacinth, rice straw, and banana pseudostem) of organic mulch sheet. Methods This current research was conducted by means of a number of treatments with various material compositions and thickness of organic mulch sheet. Several tests were administered such as chemical analyses on […]

Original Article
Recycling of biogas digestates in plant production: NPK fertilizer value and risk of leaching

Purpose The main purposes of the study were to assess the NPK fertilizer value of biogas digestates in diferent soils and to evaluate the risk of unwanted nutrient leaching. Methods The fertilizer value of digestates from anaerobic digesters was investigated in a greenhouse pot experiment with wheat in three diferent soils; silt, loam and sand. […]

Original Article
Efect of abattoir waste water on metabolic and antioxidant profles of cowpea seedlings grown in crude oil contaminated soil

Purpose The pollution of agricultural land by crude oil is a wide spread phenomenon in petroleum producing countries of the world. Therefore, there is the need to fnd efective and eco-friendly means of mitigating the toxic efect of crude oil on crop plants. Methods Green house experiment was conducted with cowpea seeds planted in polybags […]

Original Article
Infuence of compost supplemented with jatropha cake on soil fertility, growth, and yield of maize (zea mays L.) in a degraded soil of Ilorin, Nigeria

Purpose This study was conducted to determine the efect of compost supplemented with jatropha cake on maize (Zea mays L) yield in a degraded soil and their residual efects on soil fertility in Ilorin, Nigeria. Methods Field trials were conducted at Kwara State University Teaching and Research Farm, Malete, in 2016/2017 cropping season. The treatments […]

Original Article
Physico‑chemical attributes of a Cambisol under pasture managed with annual burns after sugarcane vinasse application

Purpose Sugarcane vinasse is generated in large amounts and can be utilized to improve soil attributes, especially in areas degraded by burns. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the efects of sugarcane vinasse on physico-chemical attributes of a Cambisol managed via annual burns. Methods Soil samples were collected from an annually burned […]

Original Article
Efects of vermicompost and plant growth enhancers on the exo‑morphological features of Capsicum annum (Linn.) Hepper

Purpose Vermicomposting is an environmentally and economically friendly process to decompose organic waste. India’s agro-industrial sector contributes huge resources of plant materials in the form of compost. In this study, 50% of vermicompost was compared with plant growth enhancers on the exo-morphological features of C. annum. A signifcant plant growth was recorded in plants treated […]