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Performance of synergistic ultrasonic degradation of dye wastewater by nano zinc oxide with different morphologies



By nthesizing nano zinc oxide with different morphologies, such as spherical, snowflake like,
and starfish like, and utilizing its unique physical and chemical properties, combined with the
cavitation effect of ultrasound, it is expected to achieve effective degradation of dye wastewater. In
the comparative experiment of using nano zinc oxide, ultrasound, ultrasound+nano zinc oxide to
treat methyl orange solution, the research method showed the most significant change in absorbance.
At 20 minutes, the absorbance decreased by 50.07%, and after 2 hours, the absorbance decreased to
0.012A. The degradation rate of methyl orange solution was significantly improved by the research
method, reaching 99.23% after 2 hours, which is higher than the degradation rate of 76.68% using
only nano zinc oxide and 51.52% using only ultrasound treatment. The first-order kinetic curve
k value of the research method for treating methyl orange solution was 0.002 min−1, with an R2
of 0.995. In the treatment experiment of three types of nano zinc oxide, the degradation rate of
starfish shaped nano zinc oxide was the highest, reaching the maximum value of 99.56% after 2
hours, which is better than the treatment effect of spherical and snowflake shaped nano zinc oxide.

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