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Evaluation and comparison of blood glucose lowering material from different parts of the mango (leaf, peel, fruit)



Diabetes mellitus is a common disease that currently affects more than 3 million people in Iran. Many years ago, medicinal herbs have been used to treat many diseases. In this study, the evaluation and comparison of blood glucose lowering agents from different parts of mango (leaf, peel, and fruit) was studied. In this experimental study, 30 adult male rats weighing 220-250 gr of Wistar were selected and randomly divided into 5 case, control, diabetic controls. In diabetic and control groups, streptozotine (55 mg / kg) was injected intraperitoneally to produce diabetes. Then the case groups received mango leaves, fruit and skin (400mg / kg) for 30 day and orally. The consumption of aqueous extract of mango leaves, fruit and skin in the case group was significantly reduced compared to the control group of diabetic patients. the antidiabetic effect of mangiferin possess antidiabetic activity against stz-induced diabetic rats. This current research affirms prominent cytotoxic and moderate hypoglycemic potential of M. indica . Further bioactivity guided isolation of phytoconstituents and investigation on higher animals can lead to development of new drug molecules.