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Geoconservation Research (Geoconserv. Res.)

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Michael Benton

Online ISSN: 2588-7343

Print ISSN: 2645-4661

Publishes Biannual

Volume 7 (2024)

Issue 1, June 2024

Original Article Geodiversity
Geoconservation Subjectivity Evaluation: A Case Study of a Management Toolkit

Conservation efforts, such as geoconservation, involve some degree of subjectivity, compromising the objective data and verifiable evidence required for effective decision-making. Geodiversity, which comprises the non-living components that underpin life, is increasingly at risk from human activities and is frequently overlooked in conservation initiatives. Here, we develop a novel subjectivity evaluation tool and management framework, […]

Figure 3
Original Article Geoeducation
Assessment of Geoeducation Program for Indigenous Students in Kenyir Geopark, Terengganu, Malaysia

Kenyir Geopark in Terengganu, Malaysia, was recognized as the country’s ninth national geopark on May 30, 2023. Many stakeholders are now prepared to support conservation and development efforts in the geopark area. Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) as a local public university has taken some initiatives to develop local and indigenous communities in the geopark area […]

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Original Article Geoheritage
The Partisan Glade Geosite (Western Greater Caucasus) as an Important Resource and Rising Tourist Attraction

Geoheritage is an important resource for contemporary society, and the inventory of geosites remains an urgent task, especially in geologically rich, but poorly known regions. The present study offers a systematic description of the Partisan Glade geosite, which is a large, elongated locality in the western Greater Caucasus. There, tourist activities have accelerated significantly in […]