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Anthropogenic Pollution (Anthropog. pollut)

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Ebrahim Fataei

Online ISSN: 2588-4646

Print ISSN: 2783-1736

Publishes Biannual


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Anthropogenic Pollution (Anthropog. pollut) – ISSN 2588-4646 is a peer-reviewed journal intended to publish original research papers in all main branches of environmental pollution research. The Journal is being published biannual (2 issues per year).
This peer-reviewed Journal covered in the Islamic Azad University according to certificate number 95/s/87/96789 on 10th of February 2017 in collaboration with the Association for Environmental Education and Sustainable Development as a Scientific Research Journal.
Publication: Accepted papers will be added immediately to the “current” volume’s Table of Contents after the immediate peer-review process.
Anthropogenic Pollution -Scopus

Anthropogenic Pollution -Scopus

Latest Articles

Assessing Wastewater Treatment System Performance, Optimizing Aeration System, and Evaluating its Role in Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal Efficiency: A Case Study of Abuzar Hospital in Ahvaz

The present descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted by altering the type of blowers in the wastewater treatment system of Abuzar hospital in Ahvaz during the first and second quarters (6 months). In every month, inlet raw wastewater, aeration tank one, and effluent were sampled in one week (Saturday-Friday), which resulted in harvesting a total of […]

Determining heavy metal and developing model for concentration in the feathers of house sparrow (Ni, Pb,Cd) in Tehran

: Heavy metals cause many problems in living organisms. Using living organism as a bio indicator is a useful way to show environment conditions. In these paper bioaccumulation of heavy metals in house sparrow feather were studied. The house sparrow is distributed in many parts of the world. The house sparrow lives in urban and […]

Remediation of artificially Arsenic Contaminated clay Soil (Sepiolite) by extraction and its effect on soil properties

Soil properties such as particle size distribution, plasticity, compressibility, or strength of the soil always affect the geotechnical design in construction. The knowledge of contaminants and their extraction on natural adsorbents (clay soils) with various treatments, and extractants is essential for geo-environmental engineering applications. To address these challenges, sepiolite as a widely used environmental natural […]

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