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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics (JTAP)

Editor-in-Chief: Davoud Dorranian, PhD

Online ISSN: 2251-7235

Print ISSN: 2251-7227

Publishes Bimonthly

Original Article
The Effect of Annealing in Magnetic Field on FePt3 and CoPt3 Nanoparticles

FePt3 and CoPt3 compound nanoparticles were studied, magnetically and structurally. Compound ordering in crystal structure of these nanoparticles is formed at 600ºC. Meanwhile, the shape and size of grains are prominent to be controlled. In this work, layers of FePt3 and CoPt3 nanoparticles with thicknesses of respectively 20nm and 10nm were fabricated on Si wafer, […]