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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics (JTAP)

Editor-in-Chief: Davoud Dorranian, PhD

Online ISSN: 2251-7235

Print ISSN: 2251-7227

Publishes Bimonthly

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An Analytical Solution of the Schrödinger Equation for H_2^+ Molecular ion for n = 0, 1 and 2: The Born-Oppenheimer Approximation

Hydrogen molecular ion H_2^+ is generally accepted as the simplest molecule. On the other hand, the Born-Oppenheimer approximation is almost invariably the mandatory one starting point for the quantum-mechanical treatment of molecular systems. It consists of the separation of the electronic and nuclear degrees of freedom which is possible because of the enormous difference between […]

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Effect of Pre-Bunched Relativistic Electron Beams on The Output Power In A Two-Stream Free Electron Laser

We investigate the effect of pre-bunched relativistic electron beams on the output power of a free electron laser by two electron beams in a theoretical study. In general, this highly coherent and stable pulse of laser is known as the best investigator of basic importance for present-day science. Free electron lasers are the best candidates […]

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Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in rotating dusty plasmas with sheared magnetic field and polarization force

The impact of rotation and dust polarization force on Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (KHI) in a magnetized, velocity-sheared dusty plasma is explored in this study. The investigation involves deriving the general dispersion relation from the linearized perturbation equations. The dispersion relation is solved numerically to analyze how dust polarization force and rotation influence the critical shear and […]

Original Article
Optimal Fractional-Order PID Controllers Design for Plasma Current and Horizontal Position Control in IR-T1 Tokamak Based on Particle-Swarm Optimization

Tokamak reactors’ performance is inherently tied to the precise control of plasma shape, position, and current while staying within the operational constraints, specifically managing the control signals and power supply voltages. Furthermore, many tokamak models exhibit strong coupling between control variables, necessitating the use of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) decoupling controllers. The primary control objectives include […]

Original Article
MCNP Performance on Neutronic Calculation of VERA Benchmark Cases

VERA benchmark cases have been introduced by ORNL and detailed guidelines have been provided including the burnup chain data for a depletion analysis. The purpose of this paper was to analyze the performance of MCNP Monte Carlo code using VERA benchmark cases. Research on the VERA benchmark cases become important because its results will be […]

Original Article
Emission Spectroscopy of Induced Plasma of Au and Ag NPs Prepared by Laser Ablation in liquids

In this study, gold and silver nanoparticles (AuNPs, and AgNPs) were prepared by laser ablation in water using Nd:YAG laser at wavelength is 1064 nm, 1Hz frequency . The prepared nanoparticles were deposited on a silicon wafer of (100) direction by dip coating technique. The FE-SEM results showed the nanoparticles that the spherical shapes with […]

Original Article
Simulation of the impact of humidity on the species generated by a one-dimensional discharge of helium gas

Dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma has several applications in different fields. One of these fundamental applications is medical usages, where various methods are employed to improve the plasma treatment process. The combination of different gases is one of the important strategies to improve the performance of plasma in treatment. In this paper, the optimized plasma […]

Original Article
Impact of Bi2O3 on the X-ray shielding characteristics of telluro-borate-bismuth glass for medical applications

The study of lead-free glasses for radiation shielding applications has drawn global attention. This work aimed to theoretically investigate the impact of Bi2O3 on X-ray shielding characteristics of telluro-borate-bismuth glass samples, in the 15 – 300 keV energy region. Sample S5 (55B2O3 – 5TeO2 – 20SrO – 5ZnO – 15Bi2O3) yielded highest LAC, MAC, and […]

Original Article
Synthesis of nanocrystalline boron ion doped SnO2 and its morphology dependent anti-microbial activity

Boron doped tin oxide nanocrystals with tetragonal symmetry (space group: P42/mnm) were prepared by sol-gel route using three different polyhydroxy alcohols like starch, glycerol and poly vinyl alcohol (PVA). Morphological and structural properties were studied for these samples by using scanning electron microscopy, X-ray powder diffraction, Raman spectroscopy and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The morphology […]

Original Article
Improved performance of CdTe thin-film solar cell through key parameters

We investigated CdTe thin-film solar cell configuration using Silvaco Atlas. We simulated a fundamental CdTe cell at an ambient temperature of 298 K. Subsequently, we compared our simulation results to both theoretical and experimental data. The outputs demonstrated a compelling concurrence with the performance of the experimental CdTe solar cell, renowned for its record-breaking efficiency, […]