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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics (JTAP)

Editor-in-Chief: Davoud Dorranian

Online ISSN: 2251-7235

Print ISSN: 2251-7227

Publishes Bimonthly

Original Article
Terahertz Generation: A Bibliometric Study

This study provides a comprehensive bibliometric analysis of global research trends in terahertz (THz) generation. Terahertz radiation, which has a frequency between microwaves and infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, has drawn substantial scientific attention because of its unique properties and potential uses in telecommunications, security screening, medical imaging, and material characterization. In order to […]

Original Article
Radiometric analysis of the meat and skin of shrimps and some farmed and marine fish from the Persian Gulf

Nuclear radiation from radioactive elements may cause genetic abnormalities or causes dangerous diseases such as cancer. For this reason, it is essential to measure food contamination with radionuclides, especially seafood prepared from areas contaminated with industrial pollution. In this case, it is necessary to calculate the risk of developing cancer and determine the permissible amount […]

Original Article
Synthesis of Graphene/Cobalt Oxide Nanocomposite by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Water and its Characteristics

This work aims to provide an overview of the synthesis and characterization method employed for the Graphene/Cobalt nanocomposite, along with highlighting its applications. In this research, we report the synthesis of Graphene/Cobalt nanocomposite using Two-steps Laser ablation technique. The experiments were performed with the first harmonic (1064 nm, 10 ns, 6 Hz) output of a […]

Original Article
Modification of painted steel surfaces in different thicknesses by cold plasma to increase extraction of water from the air

In recent years, extracting water from the air in hot and humid areas has been studied as a clean and optimal way to supply fresh water. In this research, painted steel surfaces were modified by vacuum plasma, and hydrophilic and hydrophobic grooves were made on them in millimeter scale. Then, by building a steam reactor, […]

Original Article
Inhibition breast cancer by (Cu-Se) nanoparticles generated by plasma jet

This work discusses the synthesis of (Cu-Se) core-shell nanoparticles using a plasma jet, using aqueous solutions of copper and selenium salts as a precursor. The structural properties of the resultant (Cu-Se) core-shell nanostructures were examined using UV, XRD, and SEM. The diameter of the granules with a concentration of 3:7 is 17 nm. Thus, utilising […]

Original Article
Unveiling the Cosmic Tapestry: From Quantum Threads to Emergent Spacetime and Beyond

This article delves into the intricate interplay between quantum information, black hole dynamics, and spacetime emergence. We explore the fundamental phenomenon of quantum entanglement, which challenges traditional distance boundary concepts. The AdS/CFT correspondence is examined, revealing a profound connection between gravitational theories and quantum fields. It also emphasizes the holographic nature of our universe. The […]

Original Article
Effect of corona discharge modification on the surface properties of Polyacrylonitril/Thermoplastic polyurethane nanofiber membrane

In this research, the effect of corona discharge surface modification on surface properties and water purification efficiency of electrospun polyacrylonitrile and thermoplastic polyurethane )PAN/TPU( nanofiber membranes has been investigated. The corona-treated PAN/TPU membranes were studied using field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM), Attenuated total reflectance–Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR–FTIR), water contact angle, detection and enumeration of […]

Original Article
The Effect of Annealing in Magnetic Field on FePt3 and CoPt3 Nanoparticles

FePt3 and CoPt3 compound nanoparticles were studied, magnetically and structurally. Compound ordering in crystal structure of these nanoparticles is formed at 600ºC. Meanwhile, the shape and size of grains are prominent to be controlled. In this work, layers of FePt3 and CoPt3 nanoparticles with thicknesses of respectively 20nm and 10nm were fabricated on Si wafer, […]

Original Article
Adsorption and release of thymol using metal organic framework Zn2(BDC)2(DABCO) and its chitosan nanocomposite

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are new drug delivery systems because they have large surface area, tunable pore sizes, and controlled drug release. In the present work, Zn2(BDC)2(DABCO) MOF is prepared by a quick and simple method. Then, thymol is loaded into MOF (thymol@MOF) and its chitosan (MOF-CH) at room temperature. And finally, the release of […]

Original Article
Photoluminescence and Optical Properties of CuO Thin Films Deposited via Spray Pyrolysis: Influence of Substrate Temperature

CuO thin films were spray-deposited onto a glass substrate and the deposition temperature was varied from 450 to 550 ℃ with 25 ℃ steps. The 450 ℃ deposition temperature was found to be the optimum condition for crystal growth. However, the FESEM images revealed that the grain size increases with raising the deposition temperature. To […]