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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics (JTAP)

Editor-in-Chief: Davoud Dorranian

Online ISSN: 2251-7235

Print ISSN: 2251-7227

Publishes Bimonthly

Volume 8 (2014)

Issue 2

Number projected isovector neutron–proton pairing effect in odd-mass nuclei

AbstractA formalism which enables one to strictly conserve the number of particles when taking into account the isovector pairing correlations is presented in the case of odd-mass nuclei. With this aim, we had to first establish the expression of the projector for such systems. Expressions of the ground state and its energy have been exhibited. […]

A study of the validity of the efficiency transfer method to calculate the peak efficiency using γ-ray detectors at extremely large distances

AbstractThe full-energy peak efficiency (FEPE) curves of the (2″ × 2″ and 3″ × 3″) NaI (Tl) detectors were measured at seven different axial positions from their surfaces. The calibration process was done using radioactive point sources, which produce a wide energy range from 59.53 up to 1,408.01 keV. This work has been undertaken to explain the effects of source […]

Low-intensity UV effects on optical constants of PMMA film

AbstractEffects of low-intensity UV treatment on the optical constants of red BS dye-doped polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) film including refractive index, extinction coefficient, real and imaginary parts of dielectric constant, band gap energy, Urbach energy, and refractive index dispersion parameters are measured and calculated. Changes in optical constants mainly occurred in the UV–VIS range. Red BS […]

Soliton reflection in a magnetized inhomogeneous warm plasma: effect of ionization

AbstractThe reflection of nonlinear solitary waves is studied in a plasma under the effect of an external magnetic field and constant ionization along with finite ion temperature. To investigate the reflection of solitary waves, relevant modified Korteweg–deVries equations for the right and left going waves are derived, and coupled at the point of reflection for […]

Quasi monoenergetic electron bunch generation by frequency variation laser pulse in magnetized plasma

AbstractThe effect of the frequency variation of laser pulse in uniform magnetized plasma is considered in one-dimensional laser wakefield acceleration and carried out particle simulation. It is shown that wakefield amplitude is increased threefold for the negative Gaussian chirped laser pulse in the magnetized plasma. In our simulation, electrons with initial energy about 0.3 MeV with […]

Plasma effect in tape helix traveling-wave tube

AbstractA linearized relativistic field theory of a plasma-loaded helix traveling-wave tube is presented for a configuration where a solid electron beam propagate through a sheath helix enclosed within a loss-free wall in which the gap between the helix and the outer wall is filled with a dielectric. Numerical study of the effect of plasma density […]

Reflection of ion acoustic solitary waves in a dusty plasma with variable charge dust

AbstractAn inhomogeneous plasma comprising ions, two temperature electrons and dust grains with variable charge is explored for its unperturbed state for ions’ drift due to density gradient and perturbed state for the evolution of ion acoustic solitary waves and their reflection under the effect of an external magnetic field. The ion drift velocity is found […]

Steady-state electron trajectories in a free electron laser with ion-channel and axial magnetic field in the presence of self-fields

AbstractA theory of self-fields in a one-dimensional helical wiggler free electron laser with ion-channel guiding and axial magnetic field is presented. The steady-state orbits under the influence of self-field are derived and discussed. The Φ function that determines the rate of change of axial velocity with energy is derived. The numerical results show the effects […]