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Introduction of Fe3O4@MCM-41/Zr@Piperazine as an efficient catalyst for the protection of alcohols and amines




This article investigates an efficient and eco-friendly protocol for protecting amines and alcohols as important molecules in organic chemistry, using Fe3O4@MCM-41/Zr@Piperazine as a newly reported magnetic mesoporous nanostructured catalyst. Firstly, the protection of alcohols was developed through their transformation to trimethylsilyl ethers. Then this reagent was applied for the acceleration of the acetylation of amines and alcohols with acetic anhydride and acetyl chloride, respectively. Finally, the influence of this highly active nanocatalyst on the formyl protection of amines was studied. The outgoings of these works illustrated the superiorities of this functionalized mesoporous mixed metal nanocatalyst in terms of accomplishing the reactions in high yields during proper reaction times and its superparamagnetic nature leading to easy separation, and several times, reusability.




 1. Investigating the catalytic effect of Fe3O4@MCM-41@NH-SO3H,on some protection reactions of amino and alcoholic groups.

2.  Use of a newly reported magnetic mesoporous silica nanostructured catalyst in organic reactions.

3. The successful synthesis of formamides, trimethylsilyl ethers, acetamides and acetate derivatives via a green, easy and simple experimental procedure.

4. Accomplishing the reactions in high yields during proper reaction times.

5. Easy separation and reusability of the catalyst due to its superparamagnetic nature.


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