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Performance analysis of the novel Quad Gate Stacked nano-sheets FinFET device and its application in common source amplifier



Stacked Nano-sheets FinFET device has evolved as a viable alternative to FinFET in designing low power circuits. The performance analysis of the novel Quad Gate Stacked Nano-sheets (QG-SNS) FinFET device and its comparison with FinFET and Stacked Nano-sheets devices have been carried out. QG-SNS FinFET device is designed on Cogenda TCAD tool at 30 nm technology node. Device simulation results indicate a steep sub-threshold slope of 26.7 mV/decade, ON current of is 1.0×10-5 A, and OFF current of is 9.85×10-14 A. The maximum cutoff frequency of 381 GHz is reported. The designed device shows higher early voltage and better device efficiency. Further, the performance-based comparative analysis of common source amplifier circuit designed with QG-SNS FinFET device is done with FinFET based amplifier. Circuit simulations have been performed utilizing the Look up table based Verilog-A model. Amplification of factor 1.93 has been achieved by QG-SNS FinFET based amplifier which is 60.8% better than that achieved by FinFET based amplifier, highlighting the capability of QG-SNS FinFET device for high frequency circuits having input signals of frequency 100 MHz. Average power dissipation and leakage power are reduced by 1.12 and 10-6 times respectively in QG-SNS FinFET based amplifier.

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