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Geoconservation Research (Geoconserv. Res.)

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Benton, PhD

Online ISSN: 2588-7343

Print ISSN: 2645-4661

Publishes Biannual

Original Article Geohazard
Revision of Fuzzified Fine-Kinney Method, an Adaptive Method for Natural Disaster Risk Management

Natural disasters are rather unpredictable and can interrupt human life, cause economic damage and even take lives. Even though they are mostly unpredictable, there are methods for assessing the risks of natural disasters, one of which is the Fine-Kinney, which was originally used for assessing industrial accident risks. Even though the method has been applied […]

Figure 9
Original Article Geohazard
Post-earthquake Disasters: A Systematic Review of the Classification and Evaluation of the Analysis Methods

Earthquakes are disasters that occur because of tectonic movements under the ground, causing great damage and loss of life. Post-earthquake fires, tsunamis, floods, avalanches, landslides, soil liquefaction, and volcanic eruptions also have devastating effects. Here, we investigate basic analysis methods and specialized methods used for these disasters in academic studies. The study aims to determine […]

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