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Transmission of electromagnetic waves through a nonlinear over-dense plasma slab



AbstractA study on the transmission of the electromagnetic waves from a structure consisting of an over-dense plasma layer with nonlinear effects is undertaken. The applied nonlinearity is presented due to the series expansion of the polarization in the medium. The nonlinear plasma layer is supposed to be placed between two linear dielectric layers. The transparency conditions are investigated for the p-polarized obliquely incident waves. It is shown that the formation of the surface waves can eventuate to the transmission of the incident waves. This fact has already be seen in the case of the linear over-dense plasma, but, here, it is examined in the presence of the nonlinear effects. To determine the propitious conditions for the surface wave excitation, the exact solutions of the electromagnetic field equations are used in all regions. The transmission, the reflection, and the dissipation rates of the electromagnetic waves from the entire structure are obtained, and the effects of the main parameters on them are discussed.