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Three-Body force effects on breakup and formation of 6Li nuclei



During helium transforms into heavier elements, both of 6Li radiative capture reaction and its breakup occur in the stars. 6Li radiative capture reaction and its inverse have been studied using Effective Field Theory (EFT), up to next to leading order (NLO). The deuteron-alpha reaction and the photodisintegration rates of the 6Li(γ,α)d reaction have been calculated. Alpha particle was assumed to be structureless and coulomb effects considered between the charged particles. The inverse reaction rate has been estimated for E1 and E2 transitions by adding the three-body forces, up to NLO. The scattering amplitude are calculated at the initial P-wave states of deuteron-alpha for the sum of both E1 and E2 multipole transitions. The obtained results are in good agreement with the available experimental data and those of other theoretical models, at the energies relevant to the Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis (BBN). The 6Li(γ,α)d reaction rate is also found to be acceptable in comparison with the other theoretical results.

Graphical Abstract