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The role of entropic penalties of circular DNA assembly in spectroscopy and imaging



AbstractRecently, some authors have considered thermodynamics of DNA and obtained its entropy. In parallel, they have shown that phonons which are agents of temperature and entropy have direct effects on the electrons. Motivated by these researches, we obtain the relation between entropy and electronic properties of DNA like its radiated waves. We examine the model by considering the relation between entropy and the exchanged waves between DNAs of chick embryo in ovo and ex ovo models. To this aim, we put DNAs of chick embryo in ex ovo model and DNAs of chick embryo in ovo model in an inductor. We connect one end of this inductor to a generator of current and connect another end to an scope. We send a current to this inductor by a generator, produce a magnetic field and measure it’ changes after passing system of in ovo–ex ovo by an cope. By analyzing differences between input signals and currents with output signals and currents, we consider evolutions of entropy. Also, by considering changes in entropy, we determine the gender of chick embryo.