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The Effect of Pedo-Climatic Risks on the Evolution of Plant Cover and Soil Characteristics in Protected and Unprotected Areas in the Commune of Rogassa, Wilaya El Bayadh, Algeria



Geographic techniques and soil analyses are widely used to identify the state of evolution of plant cover. In this article, we use cartography to identify the evolution of the vegetation and soil analyses in the commune of Rogasse; in the areas of El Mouwahdine, Sekine; and in unprotected sector. These areas are strongly affected by the degradation of soil and plant cover by sand advancement. In order to assess the reliability of our results, we used a map of the evolution of plant cover between 2006 and 2018. The results reveal changes in the composition of the successive colors of the surface of the study area, and the analysis of the soil demonstrated that this earth is completely sandy loam in nature, which is due to the desertification in the region. We maintain that between 2006 and 2018, the advancement of sand had a negative influence on the evolution of the plant cover in protected and unprotected areas. The phenomenon of desertification negatively influences in a rapid way on these protected and even unprotected areas is that it is necessary to introduce other species has greater faculty to face this climate change in this region and the adoption of ” a long-term strategy for the protection of perennial plants.

Graphical Abstract