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Solitary and double-layer structures in quantum bi-ion plasma



AbstractWeak ion-acoustic solitary waves (IASWs) in an unmagnetized quantum plasmas having two-fluid ions and fluid electrons are considered. Using the one-dimensional quantum hydrodynamics model and then the reductive perturbation technique, a generalized form of nonlinear quantum Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) equation governing the dynamics of weak ion acoustic solitary waves is derived. The effects of ion population, warm ion temperature, quantum diffraction, and polarity of ions on the nonlinear properties of these IASWs are analyzed. It is found that our present plasma model may support compressive as well as rarefactive solitary structures. Furthermore, formation and characteristics properties of IA double layers in the present bi-ion plasma model are investigated. The results of this work should be useful and applicable in understanding the wide relevance of nonlinear features of localized electro-acoustic structures in laboratory and space plasma, such as in super-dense astrophysical objects [24] and in the Earth’s magnetotail region (Parks [43]. The implications of our results in some space plasma situations are discussed.