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Representation of a nanoscale heterostructure dual material gate JL-FET with NDR characteristics



In this paper, we propose a new heterostructure dual material gate junctionless field-effect transistor (H-DMG-JLFET), with negative differential resistance (NDR) characteristic. The drain and channel material are silicon and source material is germanium. The gate electrode near the source is larger. A dual gate material technique is used to achieve upward band bending in order to access n-i-p-n structure which is caused by workfunction difference between electrodes and silicon. In JL-FETs as gate voltage increases, the electric-field intensifies and the band diagram profile starts to change. It is illustrated that, by increasing the gate voltage, the potential barrier decrease and the drain current increase. In the gate voltage of 0.64 V, due to appearance of a negative peak of electric-field and carriers transport within the field, the drain current decrease. Consequently, the NDR characteristic is achieved. With increase of the gate voltage the negative peak of electric-field is intensified and the drain current is decreased.