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Quantum dots: Application in medical science



Quantum Dots are a group of semiconductors nanomaterials whose size is about less than 10 nm exhibiting unique optical and electric properties which impart different advantages in terms of wide and continuous absorption spectra, narrow emission spectra, high quantum yield, long fluorescence lifetimes, and high photostability. Based on the unique properties of quantum dots have a variety of applications. This review informs about quantum dots structure, properties of quantum dots, surface modification of quantum dots for biocompatible, synthesis process and its important application like labeling cell structure and FRET (Fluorescence resonance energy transfer). Quantum dots as bio-sensors, bio-marker, and bio-imagine are used in many therapeutic systems. Several attractive applications have been observed with supramolecular compounds: Calix-4 arenes derivatives with quantum dots in the field of medical science.

Graphical Abstract