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Pretend model of traveling wave solution of two-dimensional K-dV equation



AbstractTraveling wave resolution of Korteweg-de Vries (K-dV) solitary and numerical estimation of analytic solutions have been studied in this paper for imaginary concept. Pretend model of traveling wave deals with giant waves or series of waves created by an undersea earthquake, volcanic eruption or landslide. The concept of traveling wave is frequently used by mariners and in coastal, ocean and naval engineering. We have found some exact traveling wave solutions with relevant physical parameters using new auxiliary equation method introduced by Pang et al. (Appl. Math. Mech-Engl. Ed 31(7):929–936, 2010). We have solved the imaginary part of exact traveling wave equations analytically, and numerical results of time-dependent wave solutions have been presented graphically. This procedure has a potential to be used in more complex system for other types of K-dV equations.