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Phonon-induced superconductivity and physical properties in intercalated fullerides Rb3C60



AbstractThe nature of electron pairing mechanism and physical properties leading to superconducting state and normal state resistivity in alkali metal (Rb) intercalated fullerenes are explored. Keeping in mind that free electrons in lowest molecular orbital are coupled with inter-molecular phonons, the coupling with inter-molecular phonon leads to transition temperature (Tc) of about 4.17 K. The electrons also couple with the intra-molecular phonons. Within the framework of strong coupling theory, Tc is estimated at 34 K. The carbon isotope effect exponent, the energy gap ratio, influence of pressure and volume on Tc, and thermodynamical parameters describing the superconducting state confer that Rb3C60 as s-wave superconductor. Estimated contribution to resistivity using scattering with inter- and intra-molecular phonon, when subtracted from single crystal data, infers quadratic temperature dependence over most of the temperature range and is attributed to electron–electron inelastic scattering. Both low frequency intermolecular and high frequency intra-molecular phonons have significant bearing in Rb3C60 superconductor.