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Phase transformation; structural and optical properties of two dimensional MoO3



Thin-layered materials from transition-metal dichalcogenides family and their preforms such as molybdenum three oxides (MoO3) exhibit great potential as active material in optoelectronics. Stable materials of few atoms thick have shown emerging capabilities in this area. In this article, we report the synthesis of MoO3 nanostructures by spray pyrolysis method. We will, perhaps for the first time, show that by varying the hot plate temperature from 350 to 4400C, a phase transformation reveal from h-MoO3 to α-MoO3. By annealing the prepared α-MoO3 sample a preferential orientation of (002) crystal plane is induced. A large band gap of 2.8 eV for the prepared MoO3 film was obtained from the transmission spectra. The Raman vibrational modes were investigated for excitation wavelength at 532 nm using MoO3 films and for a heterostructured MoO3/MoS2 film .Better crystallinity and decrease in defects intensity, as an advantage of MoO3 hybridization can be achieved by proper fabricating the heterostructure sample.

Graphical Abstract