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One-dimensional Fibonacci fractal photonic crystals and their optical characteristics



AbstractFibonacci fractal structures have been already studied. However, more special fractal structures could be beneficial in specific applications. In this paper, we create three variations of Fibonacci fractal photonic crystals as well as original structure, including: inverse Fibonacci fractal photonic crystal, mirror symmetry Fibonacci fractal photonic crystal (MSFFPC), and finally folded Fibonacci fractal photonic crystal. The transmission spectra of these structures are simulated and analyzed. Our findings show that presented structures have their own characteristics, therefore, can be used for different applications according to required specifications. Some MSFFPC structures, for instance, could be used to develop resonant microcavities with high Q factor that can be applicable in design and construction of ultrasensitive optical sensors with very high quality factor requirements. The narrower resonance peaks and the smaller amount of interfaces lead to a higher sensitivity for this structure.