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Review Article

New Theory in Environmental Ethics: Truth Centrism or Right Oriented Environmental Ethics



The theory of “truth centrism in environmental ethics” is a new theory that discusses the human needs and protection of life and nature. This theory holds that all beings have a right in the system of existence. So the attitude and consequences of human morality and behavior with their environment and other beings must be oriented according to the type and proportion of the right position of each of them and the position of human himself. Numerous theories have been proposed in the field of environmental ethics, however, each has its shortcomings and has provoked much criticism about itself. Along these theories, a new theory has been described which, from the theorist’s point of view, is a holistic view that encompasses the scope of moral consideration of all universes and creations, including living and non-living. Also, its holistic look is realistic and practical. This theory was proposed in 2014 and in 2020 it received a lot of attention. In this article, this theory is explained and developed so that it can be exposed to the judgment and critical view of experts in order to become more comprehensive.

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