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Nano γ-Al2O3: Enhancement of catalytic performance in the synthesis of Bis (Indolyl) Methanes



The synthesis of bis(indolyl)methane derivatives in the reaction between indoles and aldehydes was carried out in a short reaction time (10-20 minutes) with good yield (78-96%) by using 1 mol% of nanoγ-Al2O3in H2O as a green solvent at room temperature. Moreover, we usednanoγ-Al2O3 as an effortlessly accessible, less costly, and possible under eco-friendly conditions catalyst in this method. Consequently, this method presented significant benefits containing a low amount of the catalyst, purification of target molecules by non-chromatographic process, use of recyclability of the catalyst, simply efficient, green, and suitable for the synthesis of a broad range of bis(indolyl)methane derivatives. This method achieves to have a numerous scope concerning the difference in the aldehydes and indoles. Moreover, water was the only by-product, which added to its attractiveness. Bis(indolyl)methane derivatives have a varied range of bioactive metabolites of native and marine sources. The hydrothermal and chemical stability of γ-Al2O3 is a severe point for catalytic applications. The melting point, FT-IR, and 1H NMR spectra of the selected product showed that these products were synthesized successfully.

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