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Multi element doped type-II heterostructure assemblies (N, S- TiO2/ZnO) for electrochemical crystal violet dye degradation



Herein, we report multi-element doped Type-II heterostructure assembly consists of N, S doped TiO2 and ZnO for electrochemical crystal violet dye degradation studies. Electrochemical measurements were performed on these synthesized N-S codoped TiO2/ZnO compositeheterostructured assemblies which are fabricated on Titanium (Ti) substrate. It was observed that a composite electrode (N, S-TiO2/ZnO@Ti) assembly has shown better efficiency metrics in comparison to all individual electrodes (bare Ti, TiO@Ti, ZnO@Ti) highlighting the importance of heterostructures. The findings of this article will help to design economic materials for complex dye molecule degradation studies as well as paves path towards better understanding of molecular mechanisms of dye degradation.