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Investigation of civil responsibility for the spread of environmental pollution caused by the Coronavirus pandemic



The most important objectives of the present study include finding a legal solution to prevent the spread of coronavirus, compensation for damages caused by the negligence of human factors, determining the basis for this responsibility, and the rate of compensation for these damages. The present study, through library and field studies, made it possible to compensate for the damage caused by the spread of coronavirus infections. Pollution caused by a human is one of the most important environmental law challenges. Neglect of the human factor has caused losses due to the spread of this disease. In the present study by preparing a researcher-made questionnaire, the opinion of lawyers specializing in the field of civil responsibility was also inquired. The results of the research show that by resorting to the “risk theory” and the “fault assumption” basis, the rights of the victims of the Coronavirus can be better secured. At present, legal systems are not sufficiently determined to compensate the victims of the Coronavirus. While environmental jurists believe that strict rules and regulations should be applied to combat the spread of coronavirus infection and to impose compensation for damages caused by negligence in observing health standards on its human factors. In Iran, several juridical and legal rules are a good basis for preventing the spread of coronavirus and human infections.

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