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Investigating Iran’s position in indicators of sustainable development in relation to rights Habitat and biodiversity conservation



One of the most important goals of sustainable development, which is a requirement for all countries, is the protection of habitats and biodiversity. The purpose of this study is to investigate and determine the position of Iran in achieving the goals related to the protection of aquatic and terrestrial habitats and the realization of sustainable development indicators (SDG17). For this purpose, in this article, by comprehensively reviewing all valid international reports and documents, the rank and score of Iran has been determined and compared worldwide. The results showed that Iran has a score of 70.01 in achieving the goals of sustainable development, which is 74th among 165 countries in the world. Overall, based on the research findings, it can be said that Iran’s ranking in achieving goal number 14 is slightly better than goal number 15. In other words, Iran has performed better in the field of marine biodiversity protection than inland biodiversity protection. The situation of Iran in the field of SDG14; Significant challenges remain and score moderately improving, insufficient to attain goal. The situation of Iran in the field of SDG15; Major challenges remain and score decreasing.

Graphical Abstract