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Grand canonical ensemble of the extended two-site Hubbard model via a nonextensive distribution



AbstractWe hereby introduce a research about a grand canonical ensemble for the extended two-site Hubbard model, that is, we consider the intersite interaction term in addition to those of the simple Hubbard model. To calculate the thermodynamical parameters, we utilize the nonextensive statistical mechanics; specifically, we perform the simulations of magnetic internal energy, specific heat, susceptibility, and thermal mean value of the particle number operator. We found out that the addition of the intersite interaction term provokes a shifting in all the simulated curves. Furthermore, for some values of the on-site Coulombian potential, we realize that, near absolute zero, the consideration of a chemical potential varying with temperature causes a nonzero entropy.PACS75.10.Jm, 05.30.-d, 65.80.+n