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Estimating the Contribution and Economic Value of Various Services of Pollinator Insects in a Northern Rangeland Ecosystem of Iran



Pollinators that feed on insect-pollinated plants have an important role in the food chain. Because pollinator insects have the potential to raise the value of agricultural crops and are very helpful in the nitrogen stabilization and the prevention of pest invasions. The present study mainly investigated the contribution of three services of insect pollination in rangeland along with the valuation of the services. In the study, to calculate the share of each service, cutting and weighing methods (for forage production) and engineering economics methods (replacement cost and Transfer of Benefits) were used to calculate the economic value in 2017. These services include increased yield of agricultural supply, upgraded nitrogen fixation by nitrogen fixing plants in rangelands, and reduction of plant pests and diseases by pollinator insects. Each service value was anticipated to be 15.31%, 48.9% and 35.78% of the overall of insect pollination, respectively. Besides, the extent of pollinator insects services value per hectare and the whole rangeland ecosystem was 62.37$ and 649096.5$, respectively. Consequently, following the outcome of the present study, preservation of insect pollination services is considerable to sustain and keep food security, sustainable agricultural development, sustainable employment, and protection of natural, environmental ecosystems and the environment, especially rangelands. Thus, insect pollinator services were regarded significant by policy makers and managers.

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